Saturday, 25 January 2014

Marks & Spencer in war of the wedding roses: Retailer takes on high street florists with budget bridal bouquet service

I was forwarded an article today from MailOnline about Marks & Spencers new concept of providing a budget bridal bouquet service.

The Daily Mail reports that M&S have said that their new service will save couples over £200 on a normal budget of £560, including one bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets, four buttonholes, table arrangements and thank you bouquets.

The flowers are described in faceless quantities - 12 white roses, 12 white freesia, 12 hard ruscus leaves etc etc.  Don't get me wrong, we do understand that the budget is vitally important and we respect this.  However to be able to sit down with the bride and more often than not these days, the groom as well and have a chat over a cup of coffee or two;  get to know them, understand what they like, the look they're trying to create on their day - small or large budget - to be able to create something unique to them is a privilege in our minds.

If you are to order your bridal package from M&S and collect them on the morning of your wedding, knowing exactly what they're going to look like, which actually as a design concept holds as much va va voom as a Fiat Multipla, takes away all of the pleasure that most brides experience awaiting that important delivery from their florist on the morning of their wedding.

A number of times we have delivered the bridal flowers and reduced the bride to tears when she sees her long awaited bouquets - thankfully not a sign of distress, but a sudden emotion takes hold that her big day has arrived and her flowers reflect the romance and style that she will encapsulate, not just today but through long lasting memories.

To order your wedding flowers through Marks & Spencers in this manner will be a little like turning up at a party and realising that someone else is wearing the same dress as you.  Find a good florist that you click with, be honest about your budget, have realistic expectations and await the big day when you meet your bouquet for the first time.

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