Friday, 25 October 2013

Our first blog post!

Wow!  Frida and I had always talked about having a blog and here we are, our first post!  
If I'm honest with you, I'd hoped to have read up a little on writing a blog but it hasn't happened to any great degree.  I had a brief look online at a blogger blogging about bloggers that blog, but other than the importance of content I decided the best thing was to just crack on.

Frida and I have been working together for three years running a small but busy freelance florist company.  We had managed, at the time of starting up our business, with a great deal of difficulty, to put together our own website with a large DIY website provider.  It wasn't easy and we passed the job between us like it was a hot potato!  It did its job at the time but as the business grew, our own homemade website really wasn't hitting the spot, so we decided this year to take the plunge and invest in a professional website - hooray!

So......drum roll please........the new website is now up and running.  It's been six months in the making, as it took us that long to find a web designer, come up with an idea of what we were trying to achieve, get together with the lovely Rebecca Douglas for a photoshoot, choose our content and then tweak, tweak and tweak!

Our favourite part of putting together the content for the website was most definitely a warm, sunny day in Tenterden at our workshop, conveniently situated in my parents' garden!  Rebecca arrived late afternoon which meant we had the lovely warm light of the slow sinking sun and with her wonderful calming aura made us both feel at ease, even whilst we were having our mug shots taken!  For those of you who do not know us personally and just to set the record straight, I'm the blonde and Frida is the brunette.

We thought we'd share with you some of behind the scene shots that Rebecca took.  

It doesn't take a lot for us to get the giggles

This was one of the last ones Rebecca took,
so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open!

As I'm typing this I'm beginning to wish I'd read the blogger blogging about bloggers that blog so I knew how to finish a post!  But I didn' please take a look at our new website and feel free to comment we hope you enjoyed our first blog post, we're looking forward to many more.  F&S