Friday, 15 November 2013

A newbie in town!

Each month on Facebook, we do a Pick of the Bunch design using only seasonal flowers for that particular month.  November is not an easy month to do, as the availability of seasonal flowers is scarce and to be honest a little drab.

However, when we went to the wholesalers yesterday, we were introduced to a relatively new cut flower on the market.  The cut Cyclamen.  It's gorgeous!  It is slightly bolder but very similar to the sweet pea and it lasts for two to three weeks.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a scent like sweet pea but the fact that you are able to get your hands on a beautiful flower such as this during the dreary winter months is a bonus!    So this November, our pick of the bunch was not so difficult after all. 

The cut Cyclamen would make a wonderful wedding flower, even if only used on its own; available from October through to February.  

We teamed the freshness of the Cyclamen with the bold leaves of Senecio New Look and a few tips of Clematis Freckles.  Clean, fresh and a flash of pure white on the dark long days of winter.