Friday, 14 November 2014

Our lovely couples 'debrief'

Frida and I had had this idea floating around for a while.  A simple one at that, but one that has taken us nearly a year to get round to doing.  An interview,powwow or debrief with our couples after the big day - a post wedding lowdown, a chance to look back and reflect on the important build up, the day itself and the start of married life together and let's not forget a chance for us all to have a good nosy at the gorgeous photos.

So without further a do - I introduce our first couple - Hollie & Mark.  

Hollie & Mark got married on 17th May 2014 in Essex.  Hollie contacted us after we'd met at the Creatives Brides Vintage Village at the Bluewater Wedding Fair back in February.  Her theme was a wonderfully colourful one, which as soon as she described what she was after, we loved the idea and really hoped we'd be successful in becoming her wedding florist.

"Our wedding theme is bright colours/vintage/fifties/fairground all mixed together! For example bridesmaids are in 50s swing dresses in Red, Purple and teal, honorary bridesmaids are in blue, pink, coral and yellow! And ushers and dads cravats are all different colours too! Me and my fiance are the simplest in ivory, therefore I'm keen for our bouquet/buttonhole to be bright!"

So over to Mark & Hollie......

How did you meet and how long were you together before you got engaged?
H - We have known each other since school, when Mark left school we carried on going out in the same group of friends, then we realised we both liked each other and Mark asked me to be his girlfriend, and that was eleven years ago now!

Where did you propose and how was it done?
M - We were going to Bath for the weekend for our 10th anniversary, and I planned loads of places to propose while we there.  I asked Hollie's Dad the night before we were due to leave but when we got home I was too excited and nervous so I asked her straight away!

What's your best tip in planning a wedding?
H - Make sure you stop to take a breath and always keep the overall look in mind.  Most of all, enjoy it!
M - Don't worry too much about the budget and support your bride to be when she's up at midnight making things!

Do you have a most memorable part of the day?
M - Waiting in the church for Hollie to arrive and the service.
H - After the speeches we got a beautiful sunset!  The photographer rushed over to us and got us to go into one of the nearby picturesque fields and we got lots of lovely photos, is also meant we could have a chat just us and try and take it all in!  We had the best day, but it all goes so quick!

When you chose your style/colour for the day, what persuaded you?  Internet, personal taste, social media?
H - I've always been into the fifties vintage look so I knew I wanted a hint of that style.  But when I started looking at colours I just couldn't choose!  I work in a creative job and am always surrounded by colour and images, and I wear all colours so there was no clear choice.  That's when I had the idea to just go multicolour!  I picked all rich lovely colours, our ushers all had different colour cravats and my bridesmaids were all in different colours too!  I tasked Frida & Sophia with creating rich colourful flowers with a touch of vintage and I was so happy with the result!

For your first dance, what song was played and why?
M - Our first dance was Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars.  It's a song we both like and we've seen them live quite a few times.  We quickly learnt a bit of box step and some spins for the start of our dance, the week before the wedding!
H - When I hear Snow Patrol I always think of Mark!

What are your plans for your future together?
M - To have a family and carry on in our jobs, which we both enjoy.
H - I've just got a new job, but a family is in the plans for the future.  We'd like to travel more too, we went to Japan for our honeymoon and loved it!

We cannot recommend Frida and Sophia enough, we were so happy with our flowers, they were exactly what we wanted and absolutely beautiful!

Thank you to Emma Tunbridge of Tiny Little Me Photography for the lovely photos.

We shall be featuring a new couple each month, so stay tuned!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Our Day Trip to Home Gurr'own Caterers, Kent

On Wednesday 2nd July we had the pleasure of spending the day at Home Gurr'own Caterers in Cranbrook, Kent.

Home Gurr'own specialise in a unique collection of homemade dishes for family and friends to share - picnics, hog roasts and sharing platters.  Please see their website for example menus and information - what a lovely way to bring your guests together on the day and help give a sense of unity.

Nicci and her husband Julian, together with their two lovely children, Lorri and Daisy live on the six acre small holding together with the Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Southdown sheep, geese, chicken and bees.  Nicci and Julian use the produce grown or reared on the land for the catering but are also passionate about sourcing further ingredients locally.

After seeing Nicci at a wedding recently, that we were both working on, she suggested we came and visited them to have a look at what they do - particularly the flowers that Julian grows.  Our eyes lit up!  English grown flowers and a chance to eat some of Nicci's chocolate brownies - yes please!

It really was like a day trip out for us.  The sun was shining and the peaceful setting of Home Gurr'own worked wonders on calming us after a busy few days.  Next door to Home Gurr'own, Julian's mother and father live.  Here, they have poly tunnels where Julian's father grows amazing tomatoes - the type you get abroad, all shapes and sizes (rather than the 'perfect tomato' as measured by the EU) together with an abundance of sweet peas, which are cut and sold to local florists and markets.

The flowers grown here include edible varieties, used in their catering - Violas, Nasturtium and Marigolds.

Whilst there, we picked a selection of flowers from the gorgeous selection....believe us when we say as a florist - to pick the flowers that you can then work with is real honour.

One of nature's little friends.....

 So, with the flowers we had picked and the foliage we foraged, with a little help from lovely Lorri......

 ....we created a bouquet and a couple of buttonhole examples for you - all made with an extremely low carbon footprint.....and here they are...

Our two favourite shots - hope you like them.....
Bouquet of cornflower, cosmos, sweet peas, curly willow, oriental hornbeam and hazel.
A big thank you to Nicci and Julian at Home Gurr'own for allowing us to visit them.  We hope to back again in the near future for some more of the 'good life'.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Marleybrook House Photoshoot

On the 24th April we were involved in a photoshoot at Marleybrook House, in Preston near Canterbury, Kent.  Marleybrook House is an immaculately presented seventeenth century 'chocolate box' thatched farmhouse full of unique character, history and old world charm.

It was fantastic to be involved in a new venue's launch and we had the privilege of working with some very talented suppliers.

To give you a quick tour of the behind the scenes on photoshoot day and this lovely venue, check out this fab, fun video by Ignite Films.

Venue: Marleybrook House -

Photography: Rebecca Douglas Photography -
Videography: Ignite Films -
Dresses: Story of My Dress -
Hair and Make Up: Juliette Harris Marsden
Flowers: Frida and Sophia Floral Design -
Stationery: Whippy Weddings -
Cake: Sweetie Darling Cakes -
Toastmasters and Sabreurs – Kentish Sabreurs
Table Dressing – Thanetian Events -
Food – Anderson’s Caterers -
Grooms attire – Mark Wallace -
Letters – Alphabet Lounge -
Helicopter – Heli-charter -
Meg Sangster
Lucy Evans
Summer Monteys
Liam Glithero
Brian Sinnott

If your looking for a quintessential English Country Garden wedding - check this beautiful venue out. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Creative Brides Vintage Village at the Bluewater Wedding Fair 2014

On Thursday 6th February, Frida picked me up from my sleepy state at 4.30 a.m. to travel to New Covent Garden Flower Market to carefully select some beautiful blooms for our stand at the Creative Brides Vintage Village at the Bluewater Wedding Fair.

It's cold, raining and very dark, but as soon as I get in that car, Radio 1 is pumping out some tunes and already we're giggling and chatting away about our antics over the past few days.

We arrive at the market just after 5 a.m. and as is always the tradition - head straight to the cafe in the centre.  Two Americano's one with milk, one without.  It's buzzing in there already and the lovely man at the counter is always cheerful and chatty.  Frida manages to point out some mascara that I've skilfully painted onto my top eyelid in the dark this morning - that's what she's there for!  I manage to tell her how cute she looks in her red Converse and leopard print hat!  She usual!

We always like to do a tour of the place first, check out who's got what!  We have our favourites of course, which it would be unfair to disclose - but it's still good to get a butchers at what is out there.
We start to gather some large blooms in a variety of pastel colours - continually running through in our heads the items that we know we need to produce.  Then comes the foliage - lovely Porters has a fantastic range and always served with a smile.  We gather some delightful greens - always soft and with texture and movement.  We don't do stiff foliage!  We did find some beautiful Magnolia which gives amazing lines and once in bloom is really beautiful.

We did about three trips to the car and finally decide that we think we have everything we need.  By now, it's light, we're hungry and now start to feel tired!

Here's a little video of the blooms and Frida's cute hat!
I feel my video-ing skills need a little practise - but hey!

So, we travelled back to Tenterden and worked on our designs all day - three staple items, coffee, Radio 1 and Diet Coke!

Friday 7th Febuary - we're up early, load the car and off we head to Bluewater to set up ready for the 5p.m. start to the three day fair.  All goes smoothly and to plan despite the sixteen trips backwards and forwards to unload the car - our biceps pumping!

What did we produce?  Here are a selection of photos taken by the lovely Rebecca Douglas of our Vintage Village stand.  Hope you like them!

Meet Geraldine.......our spray painted polystyrene model

A big thank you to Clair at Creative Brides for hosting a fantastic three days.  We met some lovely couples and some very talented suppliers.  We rounded off the successful weekend with a fantastic glass of red wine and a yummy burger at GBK!  Finished off the event nicely ;)

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Marks & Spencer in war of the wedding roses: Retailer takes on high street florists with budget bridal bouquet service

I was forwarded an article today from MailOnline about Marks & Spencers new concept of providing a budget bridal bouquet service.

The Daily Mail reports that M&S have said that their new service will save couples over £200 on a normal budget of £560, including one bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets, four buttonholes, table arrangements and thank you bouquets.

The flowers are described in faceless quantities - 12 white roses, 12 white freesia, 12 hard ruscus leaves etc etc.  Don't get me wrong, we do understand that the budget is vitally important and we respect this.  However to be able to sit down with the bride and more often than not these days, the groom as well and have a chat over a cup of coffee or two;  get to know them, understand what they like, the look they're trying to create on their day - small or large budget - to be able to create something unique to them is a privilege in our minds.

If you are to order your bridal package from M&S and collect them on the morning of your wedding, knowing exactly what they're going to look like, which actually as a design concept holds as much va va voom as a Fiat Multipla, takes away all of the pleasure that most brides experience awaiting that important delivery from their florist on the morning of their wedding.

A number of times we have delivered the bridal flowers and reduced the bride to tears when she sees her long awaited bouquets - thankfully not a sign of distress, but a sudden emotion takes hold that her big day has arrived and her flowers reflect the romance and style that she will encapsulate, not just today but through long lasting memories.

To order your wedding flowers through Marks & Spencers in this manner will be a little like turning up at a party and realising that someone else is wearing the same dress as you.  Find a good florist that you click with, be honest about your budget, have realistic expectations and await the big day when you meet your bouquet for the first time.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Spring Wedding

Hey!  With all of this dull dreary weather, we wanted to brighten your day with a touch of spring.

By the time it gets to January, us florists start getting a little excited when we see the tulips appearing at the wholesalers and along with these an array of bright and colourful blooms that remind us that Spring really isn't that far away.

We have put together a bridal bouquet and a choice of buttonholes with sweet scented Lilac, Christmas Rose, and fragrant Muscari.  A simple mix, but a very elegant one - don't you think!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

Happy New Year to you all!  A new year and a new start...which means be better at blogging, keep our nails looking nice despite our trade and eat less chocolate whilst working!

We have some exciting things to look forward to in 2014 - many lovely brides and grooms to work our magic for throughout the year and we are also pleased to say that we shall be exhibiting at the Creative Brides Vintage Village at the Bluewater Wedding Fair, beginning of Feb.  A must for budding brides......