Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The lovely Amy & Nick - became husband and wife on 14th August 2014 at Preston Court

We won't forget meeting Amy & Nick in Cafe Nero in Tenterden for their first consultation.  We chatted for ages and laughed lots!  A lovely couple to work with and as you'll see from the pictures, it was a lovely wedding.
So without further 'a-do' I'll hand you over to Amy....

How did you meet and how long were you together before you got engaged?
Nick and I met through mysinglefriend.com, our first date was in Shoreditch, London.  Nick moved down to Essex from York and decided to stay (smiley face!)

We have been together for four years and eight months before getting married.

Where was the proposal and how was it done?
Nick proposed to me on Laguna beach, California.  He made me close my eyes whilst we were messing around drawing pictures in the sand.  When I opened my eyes, he had written 'will you?' and put the ring in it's box there.  

What's your best tip in planning a wedding?
Delegate as much as possible, don't even worry about the smallest of details because it's likely no one will notice but you, but they will notice a stressed out bride!

Do you have your most memorable part of the day?
There were so many favourite moments it's hard to pick, they include:
The ceremony and seeing everyone smiling as I walked in.
Enjoying the carousels with all of our guests
Going to sit down for our wedding breakfast where a child had carefully placed two whoopee cushions from our joke stand!
Trying to cut the cake and it nearly toppling over as the icing was so hard (tasted great though!)
Having a dance off with all of our guests to a song by fun 'we are young' at the end of the night.

When you chose your style/colour for the day, what persuaded you?
I was quite led by the colour of the organs in the barn at Preston court so chose pale pink and whites.

For your first dance, what song was played and why?
McFly 'This is Love' because we felt it summed up how we feel and was also a bit of fun!

What are your plans for your future together?
To have a lot more holidays - we have been to Mauritius for our honeymoon and are hoping for a trip to Las Vegas soon!

The beautiful photos are taken by the very talented Kerry Ann Duffy .  And now a real treat for you, lovely readers.....Amy & Nick were lucky to have Keith & Andy from Ignite Films to create their wedding film.  I've asked Amy if it's okay to include this and thankfully she said yes.  Frida and I watched it and ended up dabbing our eyes - who can't love to watch the going's on with all the emotion rolled into a beautifully edited film.  Get your tissues at the ready ;)

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